Just for new beginner.
Firstable to open sites in an internet we used application that called with browser, there are such of browsers like internet explorer (microsoft indows default), crazy browser, fastbrowser, firefox, opera, avant browser and more. Maybe firefox is one good choice cause its safe and quite fast to load a web pages.
Find one of browser that mentioned above and doubled click it, a new window shows on your screen, and than type the addres or url (Uniform Resource Locator) its a type of a site to make it differences from another sites. Example, and then entered or click on the right side of address where you typed signs "go" (without quotes).

If you dont know the address or you just gonna surfing to killing the time, dont worry, internet has an facilities that called search engine, such as,, etc. Search Engine is a tool to index all websites in internet so they can read from another internet user without knowing their address. It depends on your keyword you typed on that search engine. More specific keyword you typed better results will shows on your computer screen, if you want find a tutorial just typed it on box that has in a search engine. For an example "windows tutorial" or "internet for beginner" or maybe "javascript tutorial" it just depends on your needs. Have a nice and usefull browsing..!! Just keep learning by doing !!