Microsoft corp, soled their newest operating system that is WIndows Vista on February but they claimed that number is still less than they expected. They thing they can sold more than that number, one month after launching. Michael Silver the vice president of Gartner research technology, Associated Press released.

Microsoft said their proud with Windows Vista sale, because it soled twice more than their product before. They said WIndows XP version sold 17 million copies after it aunched on 2 months period in 2001.
" This is good start and we glad with the sale number on the beginning , that shows WIndows Vista will be fastest Operating system adopted." says Kevin Kutz as a Windows Client Director. But remember that personal computer market grown twice than before since Windows XP launched, Silver says that Windows Vista sale should be more that that number. He said that 51 million computer sold for global market consumer on 2002, this year Gartner thing 96 million consumen will buy personal computer.
Microsotf didnt said how many user vista asking for upgrade on that time.But Dell Bob Kaufman said, about more than a half consumen buy computer on vacation and said they interest to used windows vista. Microsoft didnot say how many sale of Microsoft Windows Vista on retail, with reason 80% windows sale is from company of computer producen.