Maybe this tips usefull for all newbies like me, for the experience dont laugh at it if it old tricks, cause i just wanna share for all newbies.
If you wanna save your time to re-install in the same place on several PC, make sure that all PC`s have connected one and another or in Local Area Network ( LAN ). First step, Install on one PC as a master of installation, make the installation clean, fast, and finished from all installation process. Then used HDcloner from a master system drive to another PC that have old system. As a note if your windows got viruses infected, as long as still run on explore system, you still can do it.

On your first PC installation, make a image file from norton ghost as a master of installation, then copied it to another PC by network ( use your old windows installation ). Put it on a second drive partition ( D, E ), use bootable floppy or cd to log into dos prompt ( norton ghost runs under DOS ). Reboot your PC and then hit dell button to log into BIOS setup, then make first bootable is your floppy or cd, after your BIOS setup work done, hit F10 button to save and quit from BIOS setup process to load on DOS. If "A:>" shows on your screen, direct your system to a place where you save the norton ghost file, for example you save it on drive D: with filename "clone", to operated it type "D:" without quotes, after shows D:> on your screen than type the filename of norton ghost "clone"( without quotes ).wait till you got option from norton ghost system, choose partition, then choose from image. Pointed your choice where you saved the image file saved then press enter and wait. The processed run about 10 minutes normally from 1 PC, while you wait the process done you can start the other one with the same process, from start till the end.I`ve got installed 30 PC`s in less than 12 hour. Just remember if you use deepfreeze system, dont installed it on your master image clone, cause it will not execute with key shortcut, and i have did this mistakes, i got to cloned it again.

There simple process that maybe usefull for all nebies like me, hope it works on you.